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Spiral growing tubes enable farming in small spaces

8 Jun



1st June 2011 in Eco & Sustainability.


Gardening in bottle caps is a fun concept that’s well-suited to urban settings, but consumers interested in growing more substantial crops might be better off with Whirligro instead. Targeting those with limited growing space, Whirligro uses spiral-shaped tubes to elevate food crops off the ground and enable greater production.

Designed primarily for fast-growing leaf crops, Whirligro uses durable, transportable growing tubes that can each hold three plants. Each Whirligro unit, in turn, holds 10 tubes spiraling around a central post, offering the combined ability to grow 30 plants in an area smaller than one meter by one meter. Plants grow through holes in the plastic tubing, reducing any weeding requirements to a bare minimum; because the plants are off the ground, meanwhile, pests tend not to be a problem, the device’s Scottish maker says. Watering can be done by hand or with a small drip irrigation system. Pricing for the Whirligro ranges from GBP 55 to GBP 140, depending on size.

No end in sight to the urban gardening trend. Who will help bring the Whirligro to urban farmers in your neck of the woods?





Connecting buyers and sellers of agricultural goods & services

21 Apr

Springwise has featured countless online exchanges over the years that connect buyers and sellers of a wide variety of goods. Zeroing in on the agricultural domain there’s been Eggzy, for example, targeting home chicken farmers, as well as Veggie Trader and Local Dirt, to name just a few. The latest spotting, however, is an international agricultural marketplace based in Russia that aims to help both companies and individuals around the world market their agricultural goods.

Whether it’s livestock feed, forage crops, timber, land, livestock, produce, personnel or equipment, Farmbook gives buyers and sellers of such items a way to find each other and connect, regardless of where they live. Participants begin by registering with the free site and then posting the details of the products or services they want to buy or sell, including any photos or videos. Companies can also simply create and post an electronic business card. Once registered, users of Farmbook can search for ads based within a certain distance of their own location, by map, or by product category. When they find a match, buyers and sellers can contact each other directly.

Given today’s renewed interest in gardening and local agriculture, the need for a means of easy connection seems fairly clear. One to emulate locally for the growing numbers of gardeners and farmers near you? (Related: Design portal for buyers and sellers of sustainable fabricsMatching buyers and sellers of cardboard boxes.)


Spotted by: Zachary Love


I made ‘koeksisters’

22 Jun

Here’s the recipe:

koeksister recipe

it’s super easy and very sweet! love it!