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10 Ways to Make a Garland

7 Dec

I love pretty garlands and buntings! They are a great way to decorate for a party or spruce up your home with a little seasonal magic. I’ve gathered up my top ten favorite ways to make garlands in this post… enjoy!

10 ways to make a garland
10 ways to make a garland 2
Here are a few details about these pretty garlands… 1. Tied Fabric Strips. This is as simple as cutting long strips of scrap fabric and knotting them on a piece of yarn or twine. Try mixing interesting patterns or building a pretty seasonal color palette. 2. Paper Flags. I love picking out colored cardstock in special color stories. For this garland, simply cut flags (triangles) and punch two holes to string them up! 3. Yarn Pom Poms. I love pom poms and they make a very sweet garland. Learn to make one below. 4. Scrap Fabric Bows. Tie simple bows to yarn or twine to create this special garland. I love this garland with cute mixed patterned fabrics. 5. Vintage Wallpaper Flags. Cut flags from a vintage wallpaper. Mix two patterns for an even prettier effect! 6. Folded Doilies. This is simple, just fold doilies and use glue dots to fasten then together for a bunting. We spray painted these paper doilies before using them. This is an easy way to make them work for any color scheme. 7. Paper Hearts. This garland is essentially the same as the paper flags, with a sweet shape! This garland is perfect for a wedding, anniversary or valentine party! 8. Tissue Pom Poms. These are so pretty, fluffy and easy to make. See how-to below. 9. Paper Half Circles. These are super pretty, clean and simple. This garland is perfect for most any occasion, including a boy birthday. Just choose a color story that’s perfect for your party. We used staples to attach them to the string! 10. Fabric Tassels. Tassels of all types are such a big trend this year. We made these pretty cotton fabric tassels. I’ve made them in the past with tissue and raw silk, as well! ♥

Pom pom
Follow this simple photo tutorial to make a pretty yarn pom pom. We used this Pom Pom Maker by Clover.

Paper pom pom
To make a mini paper pom pom, or flower, follow this simple photo tutorial. It’s really easy and this is the best method we’ve found for making mini pom poms with tissue paper. Note- about 10 layers of tissue are used here.

Handmade garland how-to
I hope you’ve gathered a few fun ideas for your next party or celebration! These simple garlands can be customized with seasonal colors and cute personal details, like words and family photos.




Master Of Illustration Portraits – Cristiano Siqueira

17 Oct

Cristiano Siqueira is a talented illustrator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil who has done work large for global brands such as Nike, ESPN, Microsoft, Master card and the list goes on.  His a great illustrator who has mastered the art of turning text into beautiful images.

leanordo ronaldinho shelly ben carlos-ablerto edmundo fabio gangster kaka




16 Sep

Images of the day..

5 Sep

Banksy vs. King Robbo

5 Sep

Deep Space Photo’s : Hubble’s Greatest Hits

19 Aug

The $1.5 billion Hubble rocketed to space aboard the space shuttle Discoveryon April 24, 1990. It’s named after Edwin Hubble, a pioneering American astronomer who furthered our understanding of other galaxies and demonstrated that the universe is continually expanding.

About the size of a large school bus, the Hubble orbits at a speed of five miles per second, 353 miles above Earth. At that velocity it can cross the United States in about 10 minutes and circle the globe in an hour and a half.

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18 Aug