Two Door Cinema Club

13 Jul

All you need to know is that they are cool. Very cool.  (The kind of cool that you play over and over again until the songs die. and then you have to take a little break from them, but after a while you will hear the songs and they will capture your attention and then you will start the whole process of killing them again) Almost like Passion Pit and Postal Service. So, while it’s still alive and fresh for me I’ll promote them vigilantly.

They are an electropop/indie band from Northern Ireland formed in 2007.  The boys Trimble and Halliday met at  Bangor Grammar School. They met  another boy Baird when he was trying to hook up with girls they knew. The band’s name came about after one of the members misprounced the name of local cinema Tudor Cinema, and this stuck. Their success progression goes something like this: Myspace, left uni for the studio, recordings, featuring on music blogs, recording their debut album at Eastcote Studios in London, mixing the record with Phillipe Zdar at Motorbass, his studio in Paris, BBC’s Sound Of 2010 Poll, songs featured in television advertisements for Vodafone and Meteor = success.



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