Al MacKinnon

17 Jun

I met this guy at a bus stop in Wimbledon, London in 2005. He was wearing flip flops in the middle of winter. He intrigued me.  He was modest. genuine. friendly. A real gentleman and a real gentle man. Turned out to be a world class surf photographer. A month or so after that random first meeting, we went on a surf trip to North Yorkshire. I surfed icy monsters at a place I can not disclose. A broken leash ended my session not long after it started. (And secretly I was quite relieved about that).  We stayed with his rad friends who had a place with wooden floors close to the beach and they had a cool music vibe called octopus 8.
Now, years later Al and I still keep in touch. I see his pictures in magazines and newspapers and hear about his rad adventures.

Al, my friend, you truly inspire me.

Check his website:

“Al’s pictures are invigorating and intriguing all at once, his eye for composition coupled with his ability to transmit the nuances of light and emotion are his trademark. He’s almost constantly on the road, traveling to countries as far flung as Papua New Guinea, Jordan, Mauritius, Chile, Tanzania as well as countless others. He remains somewhat of an enigma – when asked about what makes him tick he simply replies “I prefer to let my pictures speak for me”. “


One Response to “Al MacKinnon”

  1. Anonymous June 20, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Al is the sexiest most talented man alive

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